Monday, August 15, 2016

Update 8/15/2016

About Us

Sunset Lane Eggs is a small local egg business in McDonald, PA where the animals come first.  All of our chickens enjoy free ranging outside all day every day.  They graze and forage in the fresh grass and reside safely in their coops at night.  Because we have such a small flock we focus on quality, not quantity.  With a small flock, we pride ourselves in the simplistic farming of earlier times without the use of antibiotics or GMOs.  We have a flock including Easter Eggers, a Buff Orpington, and a Old English Game Bantam for eggs.  We also have Blue/Black/Splash, White, Paint, and Porcelain Show Quality Silkie breeding pens.  We occasionally sell chicks, started birds, and hatching eggs.

Egg Prices:

Dozen~ $3.75
Half Dozen~ $1.88

Available Chickens

Chicks Available:
~2 white pet quality Silkie chicks

Started Birds Available:
~1 blue Silkie with show potential (Cockerel?)
~1 black pet quality Silkie (Cockerel?)
~1 pet quality white Silkie (Pullet?)
~1 breeder quality partridge Silkie Cockerel

Pet Quality White Silkie Pullet
Note: Pullets must be purchased with a cockerel.

*Contact for prices, pictures, and information

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